Your Guide to Buying a Ride On Lawn Mower

Australia has beautiful, warm summers, and you no doubt want to spend as much of the summertime in your garden as possible, especially if you are lucky enough to have half an acre of lawn or more. Having this much green space is a huge privilege – you can enjoy cricket games with friends, and give your kids ample space to run around safely and enjoy the fresh air.

But when you have a large lawn, maintaining the grass with a regular lawn mower becomes very challenging indeed. If you have half an acre of lawn or more, it's a good idea to invest in a ride on lawn mower. But what exactly should you be looking for when purchasing this unique piece of garden kit?

How does it handle the clippings?

There are a few different ways that ride on mowers can handle the grass clippings that it takes up from your lawn. First of all, there is the option of side-discharge, which sprays the clippings from the side of the vehicle as it is mowing. If your grass is very tall and there will be too much to store in a bag, this is a good idea. There is also an option that stores the grass clippings in a bag. This will keep your lawn looking clean, and it means you won't have to go back over your lawn with a rake. Finally, there are mulch producing lawn mowers that have an in-built mulching capability to transform your clippings into healthy mulch for your lawn's soil.

Features to look out for

Ride on lawn mowers are a more sophisticated breed of lawn mower, and thus, different models come with different features, some of which can be really beneficial and time-saving.

Some machines allow you to have a cruise control option, enabling you to maintain a good speed for long stretches of lawn, which is ideal if you have an especially large expanse of land. You should also look out for features that make mowing more of a pleasure, such as well supported seats, rubber foot pads, and even cup holders so you can enjoy a cold drink as you trim the lawn.

Staying safe on a ride on lawn mower

When handling such a big piece of garden equipment, staying safe should be your #1 concern. For this reason, opt for a lawn mower that has bumpers that will protect you and your machine from accidental collisions. Also choose a machine with quick brakes so that you can account for quick, unexpected stops. 

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