3 Critical Questions to Ask a Mulch Delivery Service

You can make the front and backyard of your home stunning in several ways, and redoing the lawn is one. For example, natural green grass and trees can significantly transform a bland yard into the neighbourhood's envy. However, you need to take good care of your new landscape for the plants to survive and develop into a lush relaxation spot. Thanks to mulching, the soil can retain adequate water, provide sufficient nutrients, and keep weeds away. The good news is that you can order mulch from a local gardening store and have it delivered to your home. However, you should ask several critical questions when ordering mulch.

Do You Deliver in Any Weather? 

Most people believe that a heavy downpour can render mulch unusable. However, it is not true because quality mulch is weatherproof and can be stored outside. Therefore, ask a prospective mulch supplier whether they do deliveries regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. It will give you a good idea of the quality of mulch to expect. Reputable suppliers deliver in the rain because precipitation does not affect their products. Moreover, the sooner your mulch is delivered at home, the quicker you can start working on your lawn.

Do I have to Accept Delivery Personally?

It is improbable that you will always be at home, especially if you run a busy schedule. Unfortunately, some mulch suppliers insist on a client's presence during delivery. However, it can be frustrating since you may need to change your schedule to suit a supplier's delivery times. Moreover, factors such as traffic jams or car breakdowns can delay mulch delivery. Therefore, it is advisable to ask a supplier if you must be at home when mulch is delivered. Since a reputable supplier respects your schedule, they only require written instructions on where to deliver the mulch.

Do You Have a Minimum Quantity for Delivery? 

The amount of mulch you order primarily depends on the size of your lawn. If you are redoing your entire property, you need a significant amount of mulch to cover the area. On the other hand, you need a small amount of mulch if you only want to do your backyard garden. Unfortunately, some suppliers put a cap on the minimum amount of mulch they can deliver. If your mulch needs don't meet the threshold, then you are not eligible for home deliveries. Conversely, other suppliers deliver whatever amount you order, however little.

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