Cylinder Lawn Mowers: What They Are and What They Do

If you need to have a precision-cut lawn that meets high standards, consider using a cylinder lawnmower. These are the type of mowers used on prestige lawns for a uniform and healthy look. You can find cylinder lawnmowers in different types, including manual models. Here is more information about cylinder lawnmowers, how they are different from rotary lawnmowers and whether they could work for you.

What are cylinder lawnmowers?

Cylinder lawnmowers are also known as reel mowers. They have multiple blades that rotate around in a cylinder. The blades' actions are scissor-like and precisely cut the grass. This type of cutting gives your lawn a clean, well-maintained appearance. The blades on these machines are located near the front and require periodic adjustment.

Rotary lawnmowers, in contrast, use a single blade that rotates underneath the machine. These machines don't cut the lawn as cleanly as a cylinder lawnmower. However, they are better if you need to have your grass longer and have issues with uneven ground or rocks.

What types of cylinder lawnmowers are available?

Cylinder lawnmowers come in many different types. Here are some available options and their benefits:

Manual cylinder mowers: This mower is the traditional hand-push mower. Manual mowers are best for small to medium-sized lawns. Manual mowers are simple and do not take up much space.

Petrol cylinder mowers: Petrol-powered mowers are great for large properties, and some models are self-propelled. They sometimes have bags or boxes to capture cut grass. However, the collection boxes can make them difficult to use in tight spaces.

Battery-operated cylinder mowers: Battery-operated cylinder mowers are great for medium-sized lawns. They are also good for situations where pushing a manual motor is difficult. They don't require you to keep fuel on hand and they run quietly.

What are the advantages of cylinder lawnmowers?

The main advantage of cylinder lawnmowers is that you can cleanly cut your lawn to a very short height. The way the cylinder lawnmower cuts does not damage the grass blades, so it's healthier for your lawn. In addition, you won't have to make multiple passes to ensure its cuts the lawn correctly. They also tend to be lighter and easier to manoeuvre.

Cylinder lawnmowers aren't for every lawn. If you have a piece of property in bad shape, you may want to use another mower type at first. But, if your property is in good shape and you want a professional landscape, then give a cylinder mower a try. Contact a garden supply company to see what models they offer.

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