4 Things to Know Before You Buy Bare Root Fruit Trees

If you want to plant some bare root fruit trees, then it's a good idea to do some planning before you order. While these varieties often transplant better than container trees, you do need to take some care before and after you make a purchase. What do you need to know?

1. You Have a Short Order Window

Bare root trees aren't available all year round. These trees are dug up when they are dormant. Their dormant state makes them better able to cope with the stress of travel and transplantation.

You might only have a few months every year when you can buy the fruit trees you want. These varieties are popular and often sell out fast. So, time your purchase carefully and buy trees as soon as nurseries have them in stock.

2. You Might Need to Cross-Pollinate

Some fruit trees are self-pollinating. They'll produce fruit on their own.

However, some varieties need other trees around them to fruit. These other trees help the fruit trees pollinate. If they don't pollinate, then they won't produce fruit.

Check if the trees you want to plant need cross-pollination. If they do, then you should also order compatible trees or plants at the same time. In some cases, you can buy double-grafted trees which cross-pollinate themselves.

3. Buy For Your Garden

One of the benefits of buying bare root fruit trees is the fact that you can order in trees from other locations. You can plant trees that you might not be able to buy from a local nursery.

While it's tempting to use this opportunity to buy exotic or unusual trees, this won't always work. Any tree you plant in your garden has to fit its soil and environmental conditions.

For example, if your soil isn't the right mix for a tree, then it won't thrive and fruit. So, make sure to check that you match any trees you buy with your growing conditions.

4. Some Trees Need Immediate TLC

You might not be able to get your garden ready to transplant a bare root tree as soon as it arrives. For example, if you order a tree by mail, then you might not have an exact delivery date. Your tree might arrive before you can dig its hole.

Even if you think you have time to prepare your garden for the tree, it's worth giving it some extra TLC before you transplant it. For example, some nurseries recommend that you put the tree in a bucket of water overnight to let it refresh itself before you plant it.

For more information, contact a bare root fruit tree nursery. They can help you source the right varieties for your garden and plant them successfully.

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