Benefits of Buffalo Turf for Your Yard

While a backyard with bare dirt is unappealing, with a cover of green lawn, it can become a private oasis. Lawns give a space colour, texture and softness, whereas paving forms a hard surface you can't sit on. Additionally, grass converts carbon dioxide into oxygen and so contributes to reducing greenhouse emissions. If you're looking for a type of lawn for your property, one possibility is buffalo turf. Here are several of its benefits.


A benefit of buffalo turf is its hardy nature, which can endure varied conditions. It's designed to withstand droughts and can survive with only little watering, as it has a deep root system that can hold moisture in the soil. Thus, it's an appropriate lawn if you have water restrictions. Additionally, buffalo turf fares well in full sunshine.

While it can tolerate being in the shade for periods, it does need a certain amount of sun. However, you can get different buffalo turf varieties; some are more shade-tolerant than others, giving you a choice.


Laying buffalo turf in your yard will create a deep, lush, and green natural carpet for you to enjoy, whether lounging on the grass, reading or playing fetch with the dog. Because this lawn is so thick, it doesn't wear quickly. Additionally, while many other lawns fade in the winter, buffalo turf retains a bright green colour, giving the backyard a cheery look despite the cold weather.

Spreads Easily

It is unlikely you will have to deal with bare patches in a buffalo turf lawn, as it spreads easily to create a consistent, thick cover. Even though it has deep roots, it spreads by stolons or runners, above-ground stems that spread outward and drop roots at the nodes. Thus, the lawn will typically grow over bald patches and extend outward. However, you can control this growth through mowing, edging and herbicides if required.

Few Weeds

Another benefit of buffalo turf is its dense root system, which doesn't allow much space for weeds to sprout. Though you may have to deal with weeds at some points, this kind of turf is relatively resistant, which reduces the maintenance work you'll have to undertake.


The different varieties of buffalo turf share the same general characteristics, but they are different in some respects, and you can match the alternative you choose to your specific situation. For example, the leaves of some versions are coarser or finer, and some varieties are more resilient than others and can withstand more traffic. While buffalo turf generally thrives in direct sunlight, you can choose a type that will succeed the most if you live in a scorching climate.

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